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October 6, 2014 - The American Sportscasters Association (ASA), is pleased to announce that it has secured employment for its first veteran with its newly formed “Vets2Broadcasting” Program.

ASA President Lou Schwartz received an email from Mr. Curt LaLonde inquiring about how the organization could help his son, David, a 27-year old Iraqi War veteran, gain entrance into the broadcasting field. He mentioned his son had some communications experience from his role in Psychological Operations in Iraq, as well as three years of college and knowledge of multimedia programs and audio equipment. Unfortunately, since being honorably discharged, he has been unsuccessful in finding work.

The ASA, in conjunction with one of its members, George Eichorn of the Detroit Sports Broadcasters Association, arranged a meeting for David with Bob Armstrong, General Manager of the Sanilac Broadcasting Co. Mr. Schwartz, in a conversation with Mr. Armstrong, discussed the importance of giving our veterans an opportunity to obtain gainful employment. After meeting with David, Mr. Armstrong offered him a position with the stations.

Effective October 13, 2014,  David LaLonde's paid position at the Sandusky, Mich., radio stations will consist of some writing, sales and promotions, and on-air news updates.

In an email to Mr. Schwartz, Mr. LaLonde stated: 

“On behalf of David and myself, many thanks for your efforts as well as the American Sportscasters Association...It is good to know that David’s interests in radio as well as his service as a U.S. Army Iraqi War Veteran have helped lead to such positive outcomes...I believe you have helped create a very positive change to his life and future career potential.  For that, we extend our most sincere gratitude and appreciation.”

The ASA’s “Vets2Broadcasting" Program is designed to capitalize on the knowledge, experience and established national network of ASA broadcasters and media production professionals. The members of the ASA are affiliated with television and radio networks, professional sports associations and leagues, collegiate and amateur athletic organizations, as well as various local television and radio stations.

In addition to placing qualified veterans into meaningful employment, the program is also designed to provide selected veterans with a structured orientation in the field of broadcasting. This program will provide meaningful education and practical training in the production of television or radio sports, news or entertainment programming with job placement services upon completion.

The ASA is currently seeking additional funding to continue to provide this most valuable service to our returning veterans.

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