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The American Sportscasters Association (ASA) was founded in 1979 as a non-profit association to represent sportscasters by promoting, supporting and enhancing the needs and interests of the professional sports broadcaster. In addition, we are a resource of information and guidance for those interested in becoming a sportscaster. The ASA always encourages the highest standards of ethics, integrity and professional conduct.

Through the ASA Hall of Fame and the Annual Hall of Fame Awards Dinner, we proudly recognize the achievements of outstanding sportscasters by honoring the Hall of Fame inductee, the Sportscasters of the Year, along with other honorees. Some of the awards presented are: Sports Legend, Sports Personality, Humanitarian Award and the International Sportscaster of the Year.

The Graham McNamee Award is presented to a former sportscaster who has achieved excellence in another field of endeavor. The first time this award was presented was in 1984 to President Ronald Reagan. The Mel Allen Service Award is presented to an individual who shows outstanding leadership in public service. The first time this award was presented was in 1998 to Ronald M. Shapiro.

Other notable individuals who have been recognized by ASA include Dr. Henry Kissinger, Muhammad Ali, Arthur Ashe, Larry King, and Joe DiMaggio.

The ASA Hall of Fame memorialized the illustrious careers of those who gave voice to sports history's greatest moments. The Hall of Fame was officially opened on February 26, 1998, and was located in the MCI National Sports Gallery in Washington, D.C. It featured rare memorabilia, the greats on interactive display, and it traced the history of sports broadcasting since its inception in the early 1920's. A popular attraction allowed fans to recreate early radio broadcasts from a scrolling LED board or dial their favorite sportscasters' most famous calls.

(The 25,000 sq. ft. National Sports Gallery located in the MCI Center in Washington, D.C., was officially closed in 2000 to make room for office space.)

The ASA is actively pursuing a new space in which to house its Hall of Fame.

Officers & Board of Directors

Dick Enberg (San Diego Padres), Chairman of the Board
Louis O. Schwartz, President
Jon Miller (San Francisco Giants)
Jim Nantz (CBS Sports)
Bill Walton (formerly ABC/ESPN)
Advisory Board

Marv Albert - NBC/TNT/YES Network
Todd Ant - ABC Sports Radio Network
Scott Clark - WABC-TV Sports Anchor (retired)
Bob Costas - NBC/MLB Network
Ian Eagle - CBS Sports/YES Network/Westwood One Radio
Donna de Varona - formerly of ABC Sports
Tommy Heinsohn - Fox Sports/Boston Celtics
Gary McKillips - Georgia State University
Jeannie Morris - Adventure Divas
Robin Roberts - ABC/ESPN
Pat Summerall - Fox Sports (retired)
Lesley Visser - CBS Sports
Dick Vitale - ESPN

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The American Sportscasters Association
225 Broadway - Suite 2030
New York, NY 10007
Tel: 212-227-8080 Fax: 212-571-0556
E-Mail: LSchwa8918@aol.com

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