Hall of Fame Inductee
Bill Stern

"He dared to be differnt."
- Howard Cosell

The late Bill Stern was one of sportscasting's most colorful and entertaining personalities. His interests early in life were divided between sports and theater.

He became a sportscaster for in 1925 for WHAM in Rochester, New York. Then, in 1932 he was named stage director for Radio City Music Hall, but tired of it after several seasons, and began announcing football games with pioneer sportscaster Graham McNamee in 1934.

Stern had a special flare for the dramatic, and employed organ music, full dramatizations, and sound effects in his broadcasts. His voice and broadcasting style reflected his enthusiasm for the sports he covered. His popularity with sports fans prompted NBC to sign him as a regular in 1937.

Stern is perhaps best remembered for his famous "Colgate Sports Newsreel," which first aired on October 8, 1939, and for his legendary "The Bill Stern Sports Review," the first known sports talk show in the history of radio.