High Five

by Bob Raissman

The following are the results of a poll taken by New York Daily News columnist Bob Raissman that appeared in the Daily News on June 23, 2002

Who are the top 5 broadcasters raised in New York?
Vin Scully 1. Vin Scully - Baseball's poet laureate is still going strong behind the Dodgers mike. Coming out of the Bronx, the pride of Fordham has done it all throughout his incredible career. Scully's passion for baseball and words has brought the game to life for generations of fans.
Marty Glickman 2. Marty Glickman - The signature voice of New York sports was one of Brooklyn's greatest athletes. When he settled into a broadcasting career, Glickman created a radio terminology for calling basketball games that lives on. His legacy also includes many of the broadcasters he taught and nurtured.
Marv Albert 3. Marv Albert - Another Brooklyn product and a disciple of Glickman, Marveloso entered the Knicks radio booth early in his career displaying a unique style that propelled him on to the national scene. His tremendous range and versatility - doing everything from sports news anchoring to hockey on the radio to boxing on NBC - were always spiced with acerbic wit that became a trademark.
Don Dunphy 4. Don Dunphy - Called over 2,000 boxing matches, including 200 title fights, during his illustrious career. His precise stylings, combined with an ability to convey the soul of a brutal sport, were his calling cards. Since he left the scene, there has been a tremendous void. While there have been plenty of competent blow-by-blow men, none can match the legendary Dunphy.
Bob Costas 5. Bob Costas - versatile and eloquent, the man from Long Island has packed a lot of quality into his years behind the mike. Baseball play-by-play. Olympics. Studio anchor for NBA and NFL. NBA play-by-play, Interview shows. His opinions are always thought provoking.

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