Hall of Fame Inductee
Marty Glickman
Marty Glickman

It all started in 1937 when Marty Glickman scored both touchdowns in a Syracuse 14-6 upset victory over then mighty Cornell. When a local haberdasher asked him to do a 15 minute sports commentary on WSYR, the first "jock" turned broadcaster was created.

From New York City marble shooting championships to NFL championships, from NBA All-Star games to the high school Game-of the-Week, from six day bike racing to the Spartakiade in Moscow, Marty has called them all. 23 years with the Giants, 20 years with the Knickerbockers, 11 years with the Jets, 22 years of baseball Warm-up-Time and Sports Extra, 16 years at Yonkers Raceway, 13 Years of Today's Baseball, 15 years of Paramount newsreels and 21 years of college basketball.

When HBO premiered in 1972, Glickman, after introduction by Gerald Levin, then President of HBO, announced HBO's first telecast from Madison Square Garden, reaching HBO's initial 365 subscribers in Wilkes Barre, PA. He was HBO's first sports director and maintains his association as a sports consultant. Marty has coached sports announcers for NBC, Madison Square Garden, HBO and numerous teams and individuals throughout the country. He currently conducts weekly sportscasting seminars at Fordham University.

Glickman first came to sports prominence at Brooklyn's James Madison High School where he was the triple threat tailback on their City Championship Team. He was the city, state and national sprint champion. In 1936, Marty won a spot on the United States Olympic 400 meter relay team.

Mr. Glickman is the founding member of the Jewish Sports Congress. He was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 1991. Marty and his wife Marjorie have 4 children, 10 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.