5 Questions for Gary Cohen

by Andrew Marchand, NY Post

Recently the New York Post’s Andrew Marchand spoke with SportsNet NY’s Gary Cohen. Cohen, 47, will make the transition from Mets Radio to TV Play-by-Play this season. SNY starts its broadcast schedule on March 16.

Q: Are you nervous about the transition?

A: No. I’m excited. The only downside was that I signed on to do this back in November and I’ve had to wait for four months to actually get started. As it gets closer and closer, I get more and more excited.

Q: Have you done anything different in terms of your preparation by either watching TV games or practicing a TV call?

A: People tend to make this a whole lot more complicated than it is. I know the subject matter pretty well, having been around the Mets for the last 17 years. All I’m going to be doing is dressing better and talking less. I have the support of an incredible operation, with people like executive producer Curt Gowdy Jr., director Bill Webb and game producer Greg Picker behind me.

Q: What is the key to the Mets’ success this season?

A: Pedro Martinez is the first thing everybody has to be concerned about. Because they have thinned out the starting pitching, if Pedro has to miss any time during the season, then this team is going to have an issue to deal with. They have certainly beefed up their offense. Their defense will certainly take care of itself, even though they have question marks at second base and right field. They have beefed up the bullpen to a considerable extent. I think ultimately it is going to come down to the success of the starting pitching, and that begins with Pedro.

Q: Is there another concern you have with this Mets team?

A: Any time you bring in veteran personnel from outside the organization , you always have to see how the personnel blend. I think it is such an intangible, it is hard to put your finger on. They have brought in such incredibly positive personalities in Paul LoDuca and Carlos Delgado and Billy Wagner, but there is always a question of how those people are going to mesh with the folks who are already there.

Q: Is there a broadcaster you have patterned yourself after in making this transition from radio to TV?

A: I don’t think of it in those terms. My broadcast hero growing up was Marv Albertwas a guy who made the transition from radio to TV.