5 Questions for Joe Buck

by Andrew Marchand, New York Post

Recently, the New York Post's Andrew Marchand spoke with "Golden Clicker" Sportscaster of the Year winner Joe Buck. The 35-year-old Buck called his seventh World Series in October, and will be the play-by-player on his first Super Bowl in February.

Q: You have won a few Emmys. You have a couple New York Post Matchup victories under your belt. Now you have the first New York Post "Golden Clicker Sportscaster of the Year" award. What does it mean to you?

A: The Matchups kind of mean more because it pits me against one person. I like the mano a mano kind of feel to it. That being said, this is up there with all the best awards that can be given out. It is fitting that it is on the heels of the Heisman being awarded.

Q: You are doing both the Super Bowl and the World Series. How special is that for you?

A: It is special, but I didn't win a national talent search to get it. I just happened to be lucky to be at the network that has both properties. There are great announcers at all of the networks. I just happen to be at the best network if you are in the sports division.

Q: When you look back to the Leon beer commercials, do you have ant regrets about those?

A: I guess the professional in me should say yes, but the screaming actor that wants to get out says no. I am proud of my work with Leon.

Q: In big spots, you seem to say less instead of more. You don't try to make it so people remember what Joe Buck said. What is your philosophy?

A: It is not about the announcer. I think the moments are about the athletic achievement if it is a team or by an individual. It is not like anyone is waking up in the morning and saying, ‘Gosh, I wonder what the big call is going to be tonight.'

Q: The big criticism of you would be that you try to be too funny.

A: Only if you read the Post's Phil Mushnick column. I don't disagree. These broadcasts take three hours, at least. To be serious for three hours is not in my DNA. If you can lighten up some moments and try to have fun and be semi-entertaining, along with calling a sporting event, that's what I'm trying to do.