5 Questions for Bob Costas

Recently, the NY Post’s Andrew Marchand spoke to NBC’s and HBO’s Bob Costas. Costas, 53, just signed a new contract that, in addition to keeping him as the network’s Olympic host, made him NBC’s NFL studio host.

Q: I was told there is a possibility you could do a talk show again for NBC down the road. What can you tell me about that?

A: There are no specific discussions at this time. From this day forward, I’m at NBC for at least the next seven years. A lot of things can happen during that period. It just depends upon what circumstances arise whether it is a good fit for them and for me. But in the near future, no.

Q: Your HBO deal is up next July. Do you want to continue on “Inside the NFL” to go along with your hosting NBC’s pregame show?

A: I’m open to it, but obviously NBC having football on Sunday nights changes the landscape of the whole thing.

Q: How did your personal relationship with Mickey Mantle begin?

A: I did the games on NBC in the ‘80s with Tony Kubek, who, of course, was his teammate in the ‘50s and ‘60s with the Yankees. Tony kind of vouched for me for an interview request. Off that interview, Mickey and I kind of hit it off. For a long time, we stayed at the same hotel in New York. Whenever I was in New York and he was in New York, we used to bump into each other in the lobby or what not. Sometimes we would go off and have lunch or grab a cup of coffee. I just sort of got to know him better as the years went on.

Q: If you could choose one young sportscaster who you think has a really big future, who would it be?

A: He is there already. I would say Joe Buck. Maybe seven or eight years ago, you would say he has a big future. He is already established, but he is the guy who immediately jumps to mind. He has a great combination of mastery of the craft and a sense of humor that lightens things up a little bit. He thinks well on his feet. He has many of the requisite qualities for being a first-rate sportscaster.

Q: What is the best part of being Bob Costas?

A: Knowing that depending on the night on HBO, I could be the lead-in for “The Sopranos,” “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” or, for that matter, “Taxi Cab Confessions.”