This Year's Wimbledon was
Dick Enberg's Last

After 32 years, Dick Enberg has called his final Wimbledon. His tennis contract with ESPN ended with the Australian Open but the network agreed to let the ASA Chairman work his favorite event one last time.

“Sometimes, at the network level, they don’t show quite the heart,” said Enberg. “I’m not here to take any bows. There’ll be beautiful closure. The decision was mine to make this my last Wimbledon and ESPN was sensitive to give me a chance to say goodbye to an event that has been my favorite.”

Enberg has been keeping busy as the TV voice of the San Diego Padres, letting him stay in the city where he lives and cover the sport he calls his “first love.”

“What’s important to my future is that I can continue on my own terms, he said” “At my age, the foot gets bigger that can kick you in the rear and you’re out the door. I’d rather close it gently myself.”

(Information taken form articles by Michael Hiestand & Jay Posner.)