5 Questions
for Dick Stockton

by Andrew Marchand, NY Post

Dick Stockton

Recently, the Post’s Andrew Marchand spoke with Fox Sports play-by-player Dick Stockton. He recently broadcast a Yankees-Red Sox game for the first time at Fenway Park since he called the Bucky Dent 1978 playoff game.

Q: When you went back to the Fenway booth last week, how vivid was the memory of the Bucky Dent game for you?

A: As the Red Sox broadcaster then, you wake up with nightmares screaming in the middle of the night. But enough time has passed that now I’m much calmer.

Q: Do you remember the feeling when that home run was hit, and then after the game?

A: Dent hit the home run and that gave the Yankees the lead, but the Red Sox - who then fell farther behind- had a chance to come back. The real drama of it was in the ninth inning, when the tying run was at third and Carl Yastrzemski was battling Goose Gossage and popped up to end the game.

Q: What would be the top moment of your career?

A: Without question, it was Carlton Fisk’s home run. Calling that home run in the sixth game of the 1975 World Series.

Q: Do you think you and your wife, CBS Sports’ Lesley Visser, are the most successful couple in sportscasting history?

A: There are a couple that are around, but as far as achieving, I know this: When you think about all that she has achieved in covering Super Bowls, World Series and Final Fours... For me, doing NBA championships, the Super Bowl (international broadcasts), Olympics. She has covered Olympics too. I guess Hannah Storm and Dan Hicks, but I don’t know if they have together achieved as much volume as we have. I’ll let you decide.

Q: What was the best experience you ever had with an athlete?

A: The best experience was when I returned to do NBA basketball with Turner in the mid-90s. I had done Michael Jordan’s 63-point game and had done all his games when he broke into his career.

I was in San Antonio and he came in from the Bulls’ hotel on his bike. He saw me and he hugged me and it seemed like long lost friends.