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New York, March 9 -- Sportscasters in China, curious to know about American legends like Mel Allen, Red Barber, Harry Caray and Howard Cosell among others, heard about them on March 6 from Louis O. Schwartz, president of the American Sportscasters Association.

Schwartz was invited to the "China Commentators Seminar" in Beijing by Ma Guoli, president of CCTV Sports. The seminar, held every two years, began March 4th, and attracted sportscasters from throughout China. Schwartz addressed the group on March 6th and discussed the operation of the American Sportscasters Association as well as the history of sports broadcasting from 1920 to the present.

The association attracted attention in China seven years ago when it selected Song Shixiong, the country's most prominent and respected sports broadcaster, as its International Sportscaster of the Year.

"The Chinese and Americans share a common bond that transcends all political, social and cultural differences, the common language of sports and sports broadcasting. Hopefully, this common understanding and appreciation of one another will bring our two countries closer together," Schwartz said.

The ASA, founded by Schwartz in 1980, is the largest sportscaster association in the world. CBS Sportscaster Dick Enberg, chairs the Board of Directors. The association is headquartered in New York City.

China Photo
ASA President Lou Schwartz with Vice President of
CCTV Zhang Chang Ming (r.) and President of
CCTV Sports Ma Guoli (l.) in the executive office
of the CCTV studios in Beijing, China.

China Photo 2
ASA President Lou Schwartz makes a point with
Song Shixiong, China's premiere sportscaster and
ASA's 1995 International Sportscaster of the Year,
during a special luncheon on Schwartz' behalf.

China Photo 3
ASA President Lou Schwartz addresses the more than
200 Chinese sportscasters in attendance at the Chinese
Sports Seminar on March 6, 2002.

China Photo 4
ASA President Lou Schwartz with a group of
Chinese sportscasters who attended the seminar.

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