ASA President Lou Schwartz on the Passing of Legendary NY Daily News Sports Cartoonist Bill Gallo

Lou Schwartz, President of the ASA, on learning of the passing of Bill Gallo, stated: “The city of New York and the entire country is poorer with the death of Bill Gallo.”

Schwartz, who served as Vice Chairman at the Bill Gallo Sports Awards Dinner in 2006 and was a frequent guest of Gallo’s “Old Geezer’s Club,” also stated:

“Gallo’s impact on the sports world is testimonial to the fact that he has won practically every award given to a sports cartoonist. Even Syracuse University has set aside a portion of its School of Journalism for a collection of his drawings.

“I along with millions of New Yorkers mourn his loss, and as his son Greg stated, ‘He was a gift to the city and to his newspaper.’”