Jim McKay,
ABC Sportscaster and
ASA Hall of Famer,

ASA President Lou Schwartz (l.) and veteran ABC sportscaster Jim McKay

Jim McKay, renowned sportscaster for ABC sports, was honored by the Maryland Society for Sight as the 2003 "Person of Vision" at the Pimlico Race Course on June 28, 2003.

Guest speakers at the event were Louis O. Schwartz, President of the American Sportscasters Association, and Dorothy Hamill, former Olympic skater and gold medal winner.

Among those in attendance was former Mayor of Baltimore Kurt Schmoke and longtime Baltimore Orioles sportscaster Chuck Thompson.

Schwartz, at the conclusion of his remarks, read congratulatory letters from Bob Costas, Curt Gowdy, Bert Randolph Sugar, and the President of the U. S. Olympic Committee.

(l to r.) Baltimore Orioles sportscaster Chuck Thompson,
ASA President Lou Schwartz, Olympic skater Dorothy Hamill and
ABC sportscaster Jim McKay