5 Questions for Keith Jackson
by Andrew Marchand, NY Post

The Post's Andrew Marchand caught up with ASA Hall of Famer Keith Jackson just after ABC announced the 74-year-old would call the Fiesta Bowl, which is the national championship game.

Keith Jackson 2


Q: This is your third official national championship. What type of thrill is that?

A: I'm old enough now that I can be a doubter. I'm not always sure that we have the two best teams. I don't know another way to do it unless we waited until the bowl games were over and we took the top four teams.

Q: Would you prefer to see that?

A: I think that is the only fair thing to do . I think if you picked the top four teams, you will get the best team.

Q: "Whoa Nellie" and all of your sayings- where did they come from?

A: "Whoa Nellie" is an overrated and overstated thing and one that I almost never use. Bob Griese, my former broadcast partner, would chirp about it until I'd finally say it... It was something the media picked up on. I had a mule, all right, growing up as a kid on a farm, but her name was pearl

Q: There have been films the last few years about "Monday Night Football." You were involved in it early. I don't know if it was accurately portrayed in the movies, but did you want to stay on it?

A: The movie makers never spoke to me. That tells you something about Hollywood. I enjoyed it. It was fun, but I think the whole world must have known that Roone Arledge was waiting for Frank Gifford to get out of his contract with CBS. CBS wouldn't let him go, so everything piled up and they had to have somebody do Monday Night Football. My favorite description of the whole thing is that Roone made me the highest-paid public address announcer.

Q: You retired a few years back and then you did the West Coast games. How many more years do you think you will broadcast?

A: I don't know. I feel good. I had two new knees put in, in January. I'm looking up and walking straight. As soon as I get those 20 yards back I lost off the tee I'll be happy...I don't have to go east of the big mountains. That was the thing. You get kind of tired of going through security. We got it out here the past two weeks every time we go on a plane. A guy rubbed my feet so many times last week, I told him if he does it one more time I'm going to kiss him.